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These are the Questions we usually get. If you have any specific questions please feel Free to contact us.

We create a tiny Virtual Lab for every IC (Integrated Circuit) using the Evaluation Board / Reference Designs and give access to the setup using a browser. Users can access the setup through UI / CLI and go through the process of evaluation or just understand how the IC works in the setup with real time hardware feedback.

Anyone trying to evaluate if an IC meets their system requirement would typically have to go through the process of procuring the IC / Subsystem Evaluation Board, set it up in the system and explore the features. This is time consuming and results in huge dead inventory. IC Virtual Lab helps the users evaluate with just a click of a button and therefore gives the flexibility of trying out various options before choosing the right IC.

Yes. You may try and exercise many of the IC systems placed there.

Let’s take an example – Let’s say there is a Buck converter that can accept upto 80V as an input and gives out 12V output and can drive upto 20Amps. Users would like to vary the input voltage and also the Load (across the range) and monitor the Line Regulation, Ripple and Transient response in a system. The system Setup for this Buck Converter would include a Programmable Power supply, Programmable Electronic Load and Probes at various nodes. The users can vary the parameters and monitor the output waveforms on the browser. The waveforms are the actual node parameters captured and relayed to the browser and simulated values.

This is real hardware system setup placed in our Lab which could be accessed by the users. That is why only one user can access it at a time.

Yes, the basic version is free. All you have to do is register with the work  email ID and you are set.

Typically, the motor is chosen with the help of Semiconductor Vendor. If there is a need to deploy another setup, please let us know in the “Comments” section of the IC application and we would be glad to set it up.

This is just the beginning. We could have different application specific set up for the ICs / Subsystems. Please let us know and we will deploy the same.

After a certain idle time, the device automatically gets disconnected making itself available for others.

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